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Why hemp underwear is the most important piece of hemp clothing

Hemp textiles have many benefit to them as a fabric used for clothing and in many cases hemp clothing is far superior to any other type of material. Hemp underwear is also the most important piece of organic clothing and we will explain this in more detail later on. This fabric is very good for the environment by not using any pesticides to grow and using much less water to grow than cotton. Best of all it can grow just about anywhere which is amazing and sometimes called a miracle crop. 


One of the main benefits of hemp clothing is that it is anti-microbial which would make you think that hemp underwear would be the perfect application for hemp clothing. We all build up the most bacteria in our genitals area which is where we need to protect the most. Hemp being naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial it helps prevent the build up of odor. Sure being naturally anti-microbial is cool to wear as a hemp t shirt or jacket but where you need to protect most is your privates and that is where hemp undies come in. 


Hemp fabric is also very comfortable and breathable so you can always relax in comfort with any type of hemp apparel. Now imagine you had a pair of hemp boxer briefs or hemp panties to wear to be comfortable in and knowing that your are protected by the power of hemp you would be in bliss. The hemp fabric is very breathable so there will be plenty of air to flow for your privates to keep it fresh and clean! When worn hemp undies feel give you a special feeling of natural comfort unlike anything you have felt before. Takes comfort to a whole natural level. 


All in all, hemp boxer briefs for men and hemp panties for women are the most essential piece of clothing you need in your drawer or closet. Hemp underwear is more important than hemp socks, shirts, sweaters or any other type of organic apparel. It is also a very sustainable material and when compared to other fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, etc. that is commonly used in underwear, this green organic textile beat them all when it comes to sustainability. Being naturally anti-microbial, comfortable, breathable and as a bonus also protect you from harmful uv rays, it is easy to see the most important piece of hemp clothing is hemp underwear. 



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