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Tips to Cure Addiction Naturally And More Effectively


Addiction is derived as a global problem that not only affects social life, but also nation’s growth. It is a chronic disease, in which, an individual gets obsessed and suffers a critical condition. It can bring hazardous consequences like low immune system, mental disorder, nausea, abdominal pain and liver complications etc. Whether it is drug or alcohol, the stimulants deliver adverse results on one’s health and social life.
According to the American National report “Approximately 35 million of children across the globe excessively consuming illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarette. It means 47% of young age population is already suffering from this problem.

Don’t you think it’s quite high? Of course yes. These days’ people are running blindly behind the several costly treatments to get rid of addiction. But to get proper key result it is better to choose the right recovery and lifestyle.

Here, some natural ways have been mentioned that help an addict to overcome drug, smoking and alcohol addiction:


Changing your diet is very much beneficial for the recovery. Add more vitamins and             minerals in your meals.

Indulge in meditation activities. It is proven method to give peace of mind.

Daily physical exercises

Consume ginger tea twice a day, but 2 hours before the bedtime


Try to consume large quantity of fresh fruits and green vegetables.

Consume grapes in your diet. It is one of the best medicines to get rid of alcoholism.

Bitter gourd is a good healer for alcoholic.

Drink mixture of honey-lemon with warm water. It is very effective remedy.


Drink plenty of water daily. It helps in purifying your body.

Radish juice is also useful to cure this habit.

Oats is ancient method to flush out dangerous toxins of human body.

Licorice (mulethi) is a natural therapy for chain smokers.


These above methods can reduce drug abuse; smoking and also answer the most asked question, how to cure alcohol addiction. These points provide an effective cure to the addicts. These tips help only when an addict is also getting the medical or Ayurvedic treatment. These tips are not meant to be used as an alternative to medical care.

Addiction has its own types. So, the treatments are also different. To get proper treatment, it is useful to treat from its root. Addiction killer is certified herbal supplement helps addicts to get rid of their dependency successfully, without any side effects. To learn more about ayurvedic remedies, visit www.addictionkiller.co.in


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