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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy while you interact with our website seeking information. The privacy policy has been provided so that any personal who use our service can understand what information we collect and how we intent to use it. If you consider any provision of this privacy policy uncomfortable to comply with, please avoid providing your information to us or avoid using our services.

Concerning the personal information and data we collect

We collect following details of people who use our services or our website.

Information provided by the user: While you register with us or enroll your email address for any newsletters or distribution lists or while participating in any promotion, you may provide some details about yourself, such as, but limited to your complete name, email address, phone number, physical address and any other personal information as deemed fit for your association with the website and its services.

Any third-party-service provided information: If you choose any other third party like Gmail, Facebook or Twitter to connect and access our services, you authorize to share various details such as—but not limited to—your name, age, gender, email address, phone number, your birthday, city of origin, your interests and access to the URL of your profile picture and any other information such as the personalities you follow and your likes as you may specifically give your consent for us to access and use.

Use of cookies: We use cookies—a small text based script—and other advanced ways to learn how you use our website and then we continuously strive to improve our service.

Our servers: Whenever you interact with our website or use any of our products or services, our servers record details such as—but not limited to—date and time, the web browser used, URL, your IP address, duration of your session and the number of the same and page views, country of your origin and the type of language in which you interacted with the server to diagnose any problem that may arise and/or provide you with better experience of our services.

Concerning the use of the personal information and data we collect

We may study, analyze and research the information we collect to improve our existing products and services that we provide and/or to develop new and improved products and services that we deem would serve your related needs and requirements as well.

We may, at times aggregate all the non-personal information that we collect about our users and share the same with third parties who may not have any executive interests in our running, as we deem fit.

Using the information we collect, we may conduct surveys and use other feedback methods to understand user response and thus to improve our services and products.

In the event that we detect any fraudulent activities or any activity prohibited by our terms of service, we may share the information with third party to prevent any harm to the users and the smooth functioning of the website and other services we provide.

Concerning the security of the personal information and data we collect

Real Time Articles take serious care of any and all information we collect from you. We employ all technical, managerial, and physical strategies to protect all the information we collect. We strive hard and relentlessly to stop any loss, misuse and alteration to the information that we collect. It may also be taken into account that we take every effort to safeguard your information after it reaches our servers and hence, we cannot guarantee the safety of the information during its transmission over the internet to our servers. As a result, you assume the whole risk of the information that you provide being accessed, retrieved or stolen unauthorized.

Concerning the privacy of persons under the age of 18

We under no circumstances knowingly collect any sort of information from persons under the age of 18 and we strongly urge that if you are a person under the age of 18, please do not disclose any information about you under any circumstances.

Concerning the updates to the privacy policy

We ensure that the privacy policy is constantly reviewed and updated to provide the users with a simple and most comprehensive privacy policy. Also, we solely hold the right to change, modify, remove and/or add any new provisions to the privacy policy from time to time as we deem suitable. These changes will be effective as it is published and your continued use of our services validates your compliance with the new policies as laid out by us.

To ensure that your privacy is strictly taken care of and what our stands are about the same, we encourage our users to periodically review our privacy policy.

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