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PILAEO Charms With Mens Floral And Printed Shorts Selection

1888 PressRelease - The fashion cue for men during summer is comfort and creativity! PILAEO floral and paisley pattern shorts deliver with exceptional new designs.

It\'s quite often said that modern men all have at least one thing in common - a knack for timeless, fashionable summer wear, that\'s comfortable. Sticking with apparel such as shorts that are high quality in materials but also creative in style are a thing to do. PILAEO has introduced selection of high end shorts for men. The attractive lineups range from a really unique, creative aspect, that has looks ranging from vibrant floral patterns to elegant, and even exotic tribal and paisley prints.

Summer wear for men has often been disguised merely as cruise wear. With gentlemen no longer particularly conforming to simply cruises during warm weather months, PILAEO\'s unique fashion selection of printed sports shows that in a bright, and bold way. The patterned shorts selection features both drawstring and even Bermuda styles, which of course means flexibility and max comfort all the way around.

There doesn\'t necessarily have to be a specific look about being \'fashion forward\', but if there were one, it certainly would comprise of something looking similar to the shorts selection at PILAEO. Men\'s fashion\'s boasting of upscale quality, and vibrant prints are a telling sign of exactly how important vibrant, artistic, and diverse kinds of art are in luxury apparel. The PILAEO selection of shorts are taking a brave and new direction towards men\'s summer wear as the designs are made to make gentlemen look great, not only on vacation, but also in business-casual events.

Rather than settling with designer mens shorts reserved for swimming and boating, modern style aficionados are really drumming up to a new kind of luxury for summer, and PILAEO\'s shorts selection offers exactly that; timeless styles that are bold, yet elegant, and boast exceptional designs and quality.

The diverse selection of shorts can be seen at

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