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William Anderson

If you are looking for a single source to capture best medical leads, AccuDB will help you achieve exactly that with a list that is one of the top preferences among marketers. Medical, as an industry is booming with an annual income of over $135,000 per year, a highest within the country.
Experience AccuDB Highly Responsive MEDICAL EMAIL LIST

AccuDB’s professional approach to improving your campaign, review your goals and help find the customers who would most likely respond to your offer all starts by finding and identifying target audience and demographics playing an important role here includes,

    Age and Date of Birth
    Private Practice
    Clinic/Hospital Practice
    And many, many more.

We help medical professionals or MEDICAL MAILING ADDRESSES who are in search of new client by filtering those who are most in need of your services by categories like:

    Age & Gender
    Prescription Drug Use
    Current Illnesses (e.g. diabetes, MS, etc.)
    Pre-Natal and New Baby Families
    New Homeowners in the Area

Our research teams work tirelessly, constantly verifying and updating both contact information and marketing data across selects that includes:

 By Specialty of Doctor:

    and More!

By Physician Practice Type:

    Family Medicine
    and Many More!

    MD Office Manager Contact
    Memberships & Affiliations of Doctor
    Medical Clinic Type & Size
    Holistic Medicine Prospecting
    Prescription Based Lists For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
    Therapeutic Service Prospecting
    And Many More Selects!

AccuDB MEDICAL MAILING LIST is upgraded with data to help pinpoint the very best prospects. For example, target nurses as per income, doctors to age or orthopaedics with graduation date, and that too receive over 95% deliverability in each selects.
List Delivery Guarantee:

95%+ for Direct mails, 95%+ for Tele-contacts and 85% to 90% + for emails

To make sure your campaign cuts through the competition, contact AccuDB now!

Call us today at: (609) 357-4731 

You can also Schedule an Appointment at your most convenient time to discuss more on your target list criteria, pricing and other benefits we provide

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