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    For getting started, creating an account is a must. But nowadays account creation is no big deal, it is quick and easy.

    Part 1 of 2 creating an account

    1. Open the website and click Register, you will be directed to a page, which comprise Username, Password and Email id.
    2. Enter your valuable information for quick access
    3. Click the continue button
    4. A verification link will be sent to your email id, to ensure that you are a valid person
    5. Again log in using the username and password
    6. Enter the received verification code
    7. Click verify and you will be directed to a Sign up page

    Part 2 fill out the sign up page

    1. Fill out the rest of the required information
    2. You will need to enter your full name, mobile number, profile picture of jpg format, address and bio.
    3. Click Create My Account button.
    4. Your account will be successfully created and now you are able to access it.
  • Submitting an article

    Realtime articles features articles, follow the guidelines and instructions given below for having an article of your own read by millions.

    1. Log on to your Realtime account
    2. Select the post title tab and enter your title of the article.
    3. Select the category from the provided options to which your article link
    4. Other fields such as schedule, keyword, and short description must be entered according to length restrictions as shown i.e. short description must not exceed 155 characters.
    5. Last but not the least the main content tab, inclusion of style tags, script tags are not allowed.
    6. Click on to submit the article button for viewing your article.
  • Forgot your password?

    Don't get upset even if you lose your password, you can access your account just by entering your existing username and we will be sending you a duplicate password for log in. After log in you can reset your password accordingly.

  • About published and unpublished articles?

    Published articles are those which are approved by the admin, that comes under the provided criteria's and which can be read by people who visit our website.

    Unpublished can be included in those which do not satisfy the criteria, such articles may be taken on, to inform the authors for further editing.

  • Submitting article with Images/Graphs/Pictures

    No, articles with images/graphs/pictures are not allowed to be published.

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