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Editorial Guidelines

As a part of our commitment to the online community which appreciates and encourages us for providing an effective platform for content sharing and distribution, we have numbered a few guidelines that aim at delivering the best and impeccable user-experience for both publishers and the audiences. For your content to be qualified for publication on our platform, your content must follow these guidelines.

We have in fact knitted these guidelines to provide you with a thorough insight of what we accept and what we do not, to be published on our website.

In order to publish content on our platform, you need to be an expert in the niche that you are writing about. You need to establish yourself as a well-regarded authority in the niche by contributing quality insights and articles. This can over time gain you constant readers that will in turn justify your presence on our platform.

About the content you publish

It is very much imperative and obligatory that any content that is being submitted to our website is completely owned by you. Though you have the freedom to publish the same elsewhere, you should not change the author name under any circumstances. In case you fail to oblige to this guideline, we may restrain from publishing your content on our platform.

Any post that is being submitted to our website must be informative and it must provide analysis, techniques, strategies or tips to the reader in any subject matter that you are an expert at. Each and every article provided by you should not discuss about the same topic again or should not be a rehashed version of the topics discussed in your previous articles or posts.

Quality of the content being submitted for publishing

All the posts that are submitted must

  • Be of proper and legible English in terms of spelling and grammar, punctuation, structure of the sentence, capitalization and clarity of thought and expression. All articles that are otherwise will be rejected by our editorial panel.
  • Not be any content to which the author does not have exclusive authorship or rights such as an article on Private Label Rights or that contains any unattributed content.
  • Not be a post that is time sensitive such as a news article or a press release that expires its importance over time.
  • Be devoid of promotional wordings at any part of the content such as heading, body or conclusion.
  • Not be inflammatory or derogatory towards a product, service, company, person, group or an entity.
  • Not include material considered to be pornographic or profane.
  • Not talk about unlawful or excessively controversial topics.
  • Not be created as a personal blog post or read as a personal communication, letter or correspondence in any manner whatsoever.
  • Restrain from promoting or advocating any and every sort of unlawful and unethical internet activities or practices that would create non-productive and poor user-experience for web users.

About the author name

In order to provide a clear idea on how people recognize you as the author, we have some guidelines that you need to follow at all times.

  • Your author name should include a first and last name in any of the given formats by us; Jacob Shaw, J Shaw, J Shaw. When you provide your author name, the first, second and the last name given must start in uppercase letters. And you cannot have an author name that only has all initials such as J.S. as it does not constitute a valid author name.
  • In any such case that the desired author name is unavailable, you can add a middle initial to make your name look different from the rest of the names, (e.g. Jacob B. Shaw).
  • No posts made by one author name can be resubmitted by ortransferred over to another under any circumstances.
  • If deemed fit, we may ask to provide the proof for the name of an author if we think it is necessary to safeguard the interests of the community and the website in whole.
  • Pen names, Roman Numerals (e.g. I, II,), Professional Doctorates such as Dr, MD, PhD, Prof., Jr., Sr. and multiple last name may be used as author names to make your authorname distinct and unique from others.
  • You must not use an author name if the name is made up to accentuate or self-promote your post (e.g. Brian Broker, if he writes about stock broking).
  • Using company name, email addresses and numbers, symbols or adjectives are not accepted as or to be part of an author name.

About the format

The content to be published has to follow a set of formatting regulations as follows to quality for publication. The title has to be carefully written and formatted to give the best idea of what your post is about to the readers and to the search engines for better SEO value.

Characters such as

  • Periods (.)
  • , ? ! $ ( ) + - = ' " % / \ : [ ]
  • *

Will be allowed in a title, while periods are allowed only with product name and numbers while * is only used to preserve a brand.

  • Use characters that are only compatible with a URL formatting while adding a title to your post.
  • Refrain from using over-punctuation in title such as multiple punctuation like (!!!) in title.
  • We auto-capitalize important words on your title. However, certain words such as (a, an, the, for, to, etc...) that are common are not auto-capitalized by our system.

About the Summary

The summary must only give an idea about what is being discussed and it should not include

  • Any bragging or deliberate self-promotion
  • Name of the Author
  • The title of the post
  • Any sort of HTML tags whatsoever
  • Smart Quotes from Microsoft
  • Any paragraph breaks
  • Money symbols, E.g. Dollar or Euro symbol
  • URL or any email addresses

About the body

The post must have at least 400 words and a maximum of 5000 words. However, the ideal word count recommended is between 400 and 700.

  • You may include any copyright information at the bottom of the post. Any such information at the beginning shall be removed.
  • The article or the post must only be informative and not self-promoting in any manner.
  • You may use keywords on the articles according to guidelines provided by various search engines for best SEO results.
  • The post must not contain more than 1 self-serving and 1 non-self-serving URLs and these URLs must not lead to any website that hosts content that are profane or adult in nature. Anchor texts used must provide value to the post and the website as well. It should not be used only for SEO value.
  • We only advocate to include a proper link to your website against including a mailto: or email link as spammers can abuse the mail ID provided.

About Affiliate Marketing

You can support you affiliate marketing efforts using our platform. However following guidelines are to be complied with under all circumstances.

  • You may use affiliate marketing links on your post as long as it provide values to your audience. However abusing the platform for extensive affiliate marketing purpose obstructing the user-experience is not accepted.
  • You can use a top level domain as an affiliate link but deep affiliate links are not allowed. Instructing the reader a top level domain and then to use the affiliate code while purchasing the product is not permitted.

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