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Cloud Computing - Computing technology that involves in delivering managed hosting services

Ashu Xavier

ASP Gulf is a pioneer Managed hosting cloud service provider in the Middle East. It is a well established and one of the most preferred managed serviceproviders with multiple data centers within the UAE.

Cloud computing is a computing technology that involves in delivering various hosting services over the Internet. It mainly relies on sharing common computing resources rather than using the internal resources. Cloud computing is simply a computing system based on internet or on a network without having local and personalized servers. In a cloud computing system services are delivered over the network and they all are interconnected in the wide world of Internet. Cloud computing provides more efficient computing options by the centralized data warehousing and processing.

Cloud Computing - How it works?

The main aim of cloud computing is to deliver the super computing, high performance computing facilities to customers over the network. In order to provide many customer requirements like vast storage or to power up vast immense computing Infrastructure the cloud computing uses large network groups of servers established on computing technology with specialized connections to distribute the resources. The cloud computing efficiency is increased by the advanced virtualization techniques. Virtualization is an alternative to minimise the high cost Data centre Physical resources. The main advantage of Cloud computing is that the companies can focus more on the operations side than on maintaining the local internal resources. Depends upon the general requirement,  the cloud computing services can generally be classified as:

  •  Public Cloud
  •  Private cloud and
  •  Hybrid Cloud

There are many other cloud services which come under these main three categories.  Some of the most demanding cloud services are:

  •  Infrastructure as a service
  •  Platform as a service
  •  Recovery as a service
  •  Backup as a service
  •  Storage as a service
  •  Software as a service

Standards of Cloud computing

There is no fixed standardization in computer on the devices and software's used in cloud computing system. Companies use their own cloud computing methodologies.For example IBM's cloud computing system "Blue Cloud" is based on open standards and open source software which connected together to provide services.

Cloud Computing - Data centre and small Business

Cloud computing has started getting mass positive responses in data centres because of its internet like working environment. The data can be accessed and shared from anywhere in a secured manner. For a small scale business the profits of distributed computing is as of now driving entitlement. Here in this sector there is lack of time and furthermore money related assets to buy send and keep up a foundation. Using cloud computing, the small scale businesses can use these resources and expand or condense services as business needs change.

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