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Can Exercises Help IBD Patients Improve Their Health?

John Kennedy

Irrespective of whether one suffers from an illness or remain in strong and in good health, exercises are indispensable to maintain the overall health and wellness, while supressing diseases and keeping them at bay. Staying physically fit is not an easy task, as it involves an on-going battle with one’s constant urges to enjoy scrumptious delicacies that promise to pamper the palate. However, those who manage to supress their cravings can successfully maintain healthy weight through strong dietary regimens and workout routines. Contrary to the popular perception that patients who suffer from chronic illnesses like gastrointestinal disorders will have to adopt an inactive and immobile lifestyle, experts recommend balanced diet plans and daily exercise routines that are essential to strengthen the bones and muscles, while supressing disease symptoms effectively. According to a report of WHO, physical inactivity, a global pandemic can lead to serious implications on the overall health.

Though gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis cannot be cured completely, their symptoms can be supressed with the aid of various medications and specialized surgeries that assure deep remission or the symptom-free phase. Exercises can be defined as the catalyst to boost the chosen treatment methods, thus helping patients achieve deep remission in the shortest time span. As inflammatory bowel disease patients often suffer from abdominal pain, cramping, inflammation, and severe diarrhoea with blood in stools, exercises might perhaps be the last physical activity that they hope to do, mainly due to severe fatigue. However, exercises when combined with balanced eating, can easily combat these symptoms and resultant nutritional loss, thus helping IBD patients retain their health, even while suffering from intermittent flare-ups that aggravate their symptoms, even for a shorter time span. With time-bound treatments, IBD symptoms can soon be averted, while achieving remission, a partial cure or a no-symptom stage, which is the roadway to regaining health. 

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