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BrandMaker's New Customer Engagement Cloud Dramatically Improves Sales Lead Quality

(1888 PressRelease) BrandMaker has announced a new product for enterprise B2B marketing teams with a unique approach that automatically aligns marketing content with customer interests. With this new product introduction and established strength in Marketing Resource Management, BrandMaker stands well-positioned to help enterprises effectively deliver on content marketing strategies and customer journey optimization.

BrandMaker, a leading marketing technology provider, is revolutionizing B2B marketing with its new Customer Engagement Cloud. The new software offering transforms the way marketers communicate with prospects by delivering highly personalized content based on a qualitative, best-practice framework at every step of the customer journey. Using traditional funnel management techniques, companies waste too much time and effort trying to satisfy a variety of customer personas at various stages in the customer journey with one-size-fits-all content.

"The outdated 'push marketing' model typically results in a 98% lead mortality rate. Bombarding prospects with irrelevant marketing materials until they either make a purchase, or more likely break off contact in frustration, is not a sustainable strategy in today's increasingly competitive markets," said Stephan Nobs, Chief Marketing Officer at BrandMaker.

In contrast, the Customer Engagement Cloud offers CMOs and marketing executives a disciplined and efficient way to align customer stages with content types and optimal engagement channels. This facilitates meaningful dialogue between companies and their prospects and customers at scale. The software allows marketers to specify customer personas and profiles and automatically builds personalized content journeys that match each stage of the sales cycle, regardless of length or complexity. [http://www.brandmaker.com/en/customer-engagement-cloud]

BrandMaker's Customer Engagement Cloud helps marketers understand and analyze how prospects are reacting to marketing content and automatically tailors content to each audience and channel based on their specific needs and progress in the customer journey. With the Customer Engagement Cloud, marketing is able to deliver a personalized lead report that details a prospect's engagement with sales and marketing material. The report includes critical lead quality information, such as time spent on each piece of content; with whom the content was shared; customer profile, and recommendations for additional material in which the prospect will likely be most interested.

BrandMaker creates and delivers leads that are 100% qualified to company standards. The result is a significant reduction in wasted marketing resources at the top of the funnel, a greater number of mature, qualified leads, and ultimately better sales conversion and higher revenues for the company.

"Knowing what challenges our prospects face and which topics they are interested in helps us significantly shorten our sales cycle," explained Jan Sojka, Senior Vice President Market Management at HSH Nordbank. "With the Customer Engagement Cloud, our sales team can now focus on informed and nurtured leads in a more personalized way so that our content marketing efforts are aligned with their specific interests. This increases the effectiveness of one-on-one contact by sales and greatly reduces drop-out rate."

The impact of BrandMaker's approach is increasingly recognized by CMOs and lead marketers. For example, a recent survey of more than 300 global marketing influencers cited "personalized content and messaging" as the most effective tactic in account based marketing.

With a heritage as a global leader in Marketing Resource Management, BrandMaker has been enabling increased efficiency of marketing operations for more than 10 years. BrandMaker's fresh approach to B2B marketing through the Customer Engagement Cloud is a natural extension of its established leadership in marketing operations management and finally bridges the gap between marketing and sales. The company is consistently recognized for its leadership by industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan and LNC Analysts.

About BrandMaker
BrandMaker is a recognized industry leader providing technology that helps B2B marketing professionals engage more effectively with their customers and produce better leads. With a steep history in marketing consultancy, BrandMaker understands the complex challenges of the customer engagement process facing enterprise businesses. Using a unique methodology, the BrandMaker platform supports the entire customer journey by nurturing potential customers with tailored content and producing more qualified leads at scale. BrandMaker is headquartered in Germany with key US locations in Atlanta and San Francisco. To learn more about BrandMaker, visit http://www.brandmaker.com.

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