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RTA Terms of Service for Authors

When you submit a post to us, you:

  • Agree to us that you are the rightful and sole owner of the post and you alone possess all the copyrights pertaining to the content.
  • Authorize us unreservedly to publish your post or article on our website. Also, if the article qualifies to be featured, we would syndicate the article across different web capabilities such as RSS Feed and real-time email alerts.
  • Authorize us to permit other publishers to reproduce the content in any print or digital format in such ways that is does not contribute towards the author's ownership and/or copyrights. Should any such encroachment take place, you are solely responsible to fight against such infringement and we do not have any liability towards the same whatsoever. If you are unable to abide by these terms, please do refrain from submitting your content on our website.
  • Agree to the fact that it is our editorial team's sole right to decide to whether or not to publish your content on our website and for how long. We at all circumstances reserve all the rights to remove and/or your account with us at any time for any kind of reason as deemed fit by us. Even after 30 days from the creation of your account, if you fail to submit a post that we can publish, we may review your account and recommend termination of your account.
  • Understand and agree to the fact that in order to obtain better views and improve the user-experience, we may, as deemed fit, change the topic category that you have originally submitted your post.
  • Understand that we do not pay for the content submission. We only act as a platform where, many publishers can view your unique content and republish them or re-print for their corresponding audiences. While we get millions of unique visits every month, we under no circumstance can guarantee that a publisher shall republish or re-print your content for certain.
  • Understand we are advertiser supported and we hold absolute right to publish commercials on the same pages where your articles are being published.
  • Understand that, if your post fails to comply with our editorial guidelines, our editorial team may edit your content so as to comply it with the editorial guidelines. It is always a good habit to read the editorial guidelines before submitting your post to us.
  • Understand that you should not send any sort of direct affiliate link with the post to be published on our platform. We reject such articles, yet we allow you to use top-domainaffiliate links that you own on your posts.
    e.g: you may use "http://your-company-name.com/ to forward an affiliate link.
    While deep links like "http://your-company-name.com/page.html" are prohibited.
  • Understand not to incorporate any advertisement means such as traffic exchange, safelists, Pay PerView (PPV) and/or Pay Per Click (PPC) to make the traffic data to your article look inflated.

General Issues

We may at any time without any prior notification update, change or remove any or whole of the Terms of Service. Such the case is, you are advised to read the Terms of Service at regular intervals.

Our Disclaimer

Obligation: We or our parent company, under any capacity, warrant or assume can't be held liable for the correctness, completeness or use of the information published here on the website.

Implicit Endorsement: We do not indorse to practice, buy or undertake any of the recommendations, products or services described on the website. The views and opinions reflect those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of our website or our parent company.

We do not warranty: While you make use of the site, you may come across a number of number of URLs leading to third party websites.We under no circumstance guarantee any quality or relevance of the content of these sites to you and neither do we recommend nor endorse the products and/or services found on the third party website.

No Pop-Ups: We do not use pop-ups on our website and if you come across any pop-up, please understand that it is originated not from us but by your click on any link to the third party website. For authors- if you cannot abide by this clause, please do not submit your article on your website.

Any information produced on the website is only for entertainment or educational purpose. The authors or publishers on our website do not provide any legal, medical or professional advice. You are solely responsible for your actions and any unfavorable consequences arising from using the information found on the website.

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