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10 For Sure Safety Measures Will Make Your Shopping Safe & Easy!

George Kordosis

1. While you are in the shopping mall, keep a check on all your possessions as you make your way through the crowd. If you are carrying some cards and cash, it is smart to have an inner pocket that will ensure safety as no one could see them, but they could be felt only by you. If you are carrying a bag, either hold it tight or put it over your neck and shoulder facing the front. You will now have less worries and more fun in the mall.


2. It’s definitely a great joy to window-gaze at the festive displays on the window display of various stores in the mall. It is definitely a feast to the eyes, however be wary for your bags. They might be the feat of the eyes for the thieves. Ensure that you don’t get engrossed in your window-shopping activity for long and stay alert while looking at the products on display.


3. Getting engrossed in the busker Street performers’ histrionics is one of the major reasons behind the rising number of thefts. They undoubtedly add to the atmosphere and it is also a great fun watching them. However, while all the eyes remain on the busker, you might be compromising on the safety of your belongings. Thus, it is advised to stay alert for your belongings.


4. When the malls are flocked with people, the atmosphere tends to become hot and stuffy and the effect could cause drowsiness. In addition to that, when you see some tempting items that are on sale, it is natural that you may forget about your belongings for some time. A moment is only what a bag snatcher will need. So, watch out for that sleepy feeling and nip out for a breath of air. You might be planning to buy low prices products , but end up paying a high price because of your negligence.


5. When you are trying on a garment in the changing room in the trial room, it should be kept in mind that your purse, clothes and other products that are valuable should stay away from the door, especially if there is a gap for the hand or foot. When you are emerging from the booth, arms full of bags and garments, ensure that you have not forgotten anything in the changing booth and that your belongings are still with you. The same practice should be followed in public toilets.


6. Figure out if the person behind you in the queue is maintaining a safe distance. Take a glance around to check their proximity. If they’re alarmingly close, step out of the line a bit to ensure that it becomes tough for them to reach your pockets (in case they are thieves). Standing in a queue could prove to be exhausting after a tough time moving around the mall and making way through the crowd. However, don’t less the exhaustion take it’s toll over you and be alert all the time.


7. It may take a great deal of thinking and concentration while you are checking out at the counter. There will be multiple things that you will be managing, including your payment card and the packages. You might have taken your child along so you would also have a stroller to manage. With so much to see and a long queue behind you, it is natural that you might skip looking at your valuables. As for the payment card, you need to take extra precautions as it is not as easy making the payment as it seems to be. Don’t get conscious over the queue and take some time to ensure that all the possessions are secure.


8. It is festival time and there are more chances that you might bump into someone more than even in the shopping mall. It feels great when you stop and chat in such a case, however don’t get too carried away with the chit-chat to an extent that you later find out that all your belongings are stolen. Check out on a frequent basis if there is any third person in the group or not.


9. You might feel the need of sitting at a coffee shop, but don’t just sit on any chair that you come across. Find a safe place where you could pile your phone, cards and money. Your purchases may even become the reason of envy for many. You might want to relax and enjoy the refreshments, but first things will always come first.


10. When you reach your home and start unpacking the bags, make it a point to thoroughly check the purse and the pockets. If you find anything missing, make a call to all the shops where you had been to find out if you have left any belongings there. They might have been holding it up for you and waiting for your call. You should at once block your payment card by calling up the card provider if you have lost it. You will get a replacement for the same.


Hopefully with all the care’s you won’t face any risk of stealing, or it’s far better to shop from one stop e-shop online solution rather than running away in markets.


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